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About me

Hello I am GearToward/Granola.wad.
I aspire to be a game dev, software dev, and musician.
I am an artist that is making my own designs and working on some projects that can show my creativity.

The inspirations I have is more punk/cyberpunk, gothic, lolita,
fantasty, slice of life, and stuff that
has more or less has a way of going against more of the typical approach of stories.

My favorite manga, stories, TV are Soul Eater, Azumanga Daioh, Demon Slayer, Clover, The Bear.


I love music and in many genres.
My top favorites are punk rock, death metal/melodeath,
funk/metal funk, hiphop, shoegaze,
hardcore punk, post punk/post punk revival,
rapcore, Breakbeat, and Jazz.

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